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This Edition's Program

Here you can see all the genres of films, scripts & projects we are accepting in this year's edition

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Our program

Here you can see all the genres of films, scripts & projects we are accepting in this year's edition

Television Pilot / Webseries
Feature Film
Short Film
Student Film

Original Song/soundtrack

Feature Documentary Film
Short Documentary Film
Student Documentary Film

Feature Script
Short Script

Animation Film
Short Animation Film
Student Animation Film

Music video/performance

One Minute Film

About us

Welcome to the Birmingham Film and Television Festival (BFTF), a platform designed to celebrate the dynamic art of storytelling in film and television. At BFTF, we believe in fostering a space for creativity, innovation, and the shared love of cinema, bridging the gap between emerging filmmakers and seasoned industry professionals.

BFTF is currently a vibrant online event, providing global access to a diverse array of films, animations, and screenplays from all genres. From the comfort of your home, you can dive into captivating narratives, meet the filmmakers in interactive sessions, and participate in rewarding discussions about the industry's trends and techniques.

In 2024, we are excited to bring the festival to life in a physical setting in Birmingham, offering an immersive and engaging experience to all attendees. You can look forward to premieres, live Q&A sessions, and networking events, creating a richer festival experience.

BFTF aims to honor excellence in filmmaking through our annual awards ceremony. Here, we recognize outstanding creativity, innovative storytelling, and inspirational performances. We also provide a platform for independent and student filmmakers, showcasing their unique stories to our diverse audience.


By participating in BFTF, whether online or in person, you become part of a community that champions the vibrant art of film and television. Join us as we celebrate cinema in all its forms at the Birmingham Film and Television Festival.

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Other Agreements BFTF reserves the rights to use film excerpts for promotional purposes and will not make full preview screeners publicly available. Liability for any film withdrawal due to circumstances beyond BFTF's control lies with the filmmakers. By submitting, filmmakers agree to all BFTF rules. Any queries or complaints should be addressed privately to the festival 7 days before public posting. BFTF operates under UK laws. Filmmakers must provide all materials requested by the festival 72 hours before commencement. Non-compliance with festival rules may result in sanctions.


BFTF reserves the right to change the festival schedule, program, and rules without prior notice.

Terms & Conditions


  1. BFTF accepts all genres of feature films, shorts, animations, and screenplays. Films must have been completed within 4 years of the festival's current edition. Original language with English subtitles is required for films, and screenplays must be in English.

  2. Submitters must secure copyright permissions for all materials included in the submission. Films submitted to prior BFTF events require significant rework for eligibility.

  3. Short films should not exceed 30 minutes. Student entries need academic documentation and must be submitted within one-year post-graduation.

  4. All submissions incur an entry fee, with discounts for students. These fees are non-refundable, even in the event of submission withdrawal.


Submission Process Submit entries online via FilmFreeway, providing all necessary information and materials. The entry fee should be paid during submission.

Selection Process The BFTF Selection Committee screens all submissions. Criteria for selection include visual creativity, production quality, originality in storytelling, and entertainment value.

Awards Winners will receive a BFTF certificate with online verification and a digital laurel. A jury of film industry professionals will select the recipients of the main awards. Additional awards may be presented during the ceremony.


Screening All official selections will be included in the festival program. BFTF reserves the right to choose additional films for screening. Screenings will be announced on official social media platforms. Filmmakers must provide a screening copy 30 working days before the festival.

Technical Requirements Submissions must adhere to standard cinema aspect ratio and resolution and must be subtitled in English. If applicable, an HD Quicktime (Pro Res 422) version should be provided.

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Our Partners

We are hosted by our friends at Beeyawn with the support of Project 54

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