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Saint Petersburg
Film Festival

Building bridges frame by frame

About Us.

Welcome to the Saint Petersburg Independent Film Festival (SPIFF) - a bridge between cultures, and an international platform for groundbreaking storytelling.

We are a collective of esteemed filmmakers, united by a shared passion for cinema that challenges, moves, and inspires. Our mission is to strengthen the cultural dialogue between Russia and the rest of the world.

Guided by the spirit of creative freedom, SPIFF operates independently from any state influence. This independence allows us to be a platform for those voices often unheard, to broadcast the stories unafraid of pushing boundaries, and to promote filmmakers bold enough to think differently.


Given the current restrictions in Russia, we have adapted to ensure our commitment to sharing unique and independent stories remains undeterred. Now based in the United Kingdom and operating entirely online, SPIFF continues to bring world-class cinema to a global audience.

Our partnership with Beeyawn, a trailblazer in the realm of digital event organization, ensures the seamless delivery of these cinematic treasures.


Saint Petersburg Independent Film Festival has evolved into more than just an event; it is a celebration of film, a symbol of resilience and creativity, and a testament to the power of independent storytelling.

Join us as we explore new cinematic horizons, champion artistic freedom, and celebrate the power of film to unite, inspire, and provoke thought. Welcome to SPIFF - where every frame tells a story.


Best Television / Webseries
Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Student Film

Best Experimental Film
Best One-Minute Film

Best Feature Documentary
Best Short Documentary
Best Student Documentary
Best Music / Performance Video
Best Original Song

Best Animation
Best Short Animation
Best Student Animation
Best Feature Script
Best Short Script
Best Student Script

Past Editions

Rules & Guidelines

Saint Petersburg Independent Film Festival (SPIFF) Guidelines


  1. SPIFF accepts all genres of feature films, shorts, animations, and screenplays. Films must have been finalized within 4 years of the festival's current edition. Language should be original with English subtitles, and screenplays should be in English.

  2. The responsibility for obtaining copyright permissions for all included materials in the submitted work lies with the submitter. If a film has been submitted to a previous SPIFF, it must have undergone significant changes to be eligible for resubmission.

  3. Short films should not exceed 30 minutes in length. Student submissions require academic documentation and should be submitted within a year post-graduation.

  4. An entry fee is applicable to all submissions, with a discounted rate offered for students. These fees are non-refundable, even in the event of submission withdrawal.

Submission Process: Entries must be submitted online via FilmFreeway, with all required information and materials provided. The entry fee should be paid at the time of submission.

Selection Process: The SPIFF Selection Committee reviews all submissions. Selection is based on the creativity of visual images, production quality, originality of storytelling, and entertainment value.

Awards Winners in each category will receive a SPIFF certificate with online verification and a digital laurel. A jury of film industry professionals selects the recipients of the main awards. Additional awards may be presented during the awards ceremony.

Screening All official selections will be included in the festival programme. SPIFF reserves the right to choose additional films for screening. These will be announced on the festival's official social media platforms. Filmmakers must provide a screening copy at least 30 working days before the festival.

Technical Requirements: All submissions must adhere to the standard cinema aspect ratio and resolution, and be subtitled in English. If applicable, an HD Quicktime (Pro Res 422) version should be provided.

Other Agreements: SPIFF reserves the rights to use excerpts from any film submitted for promotional purposes and will not make full preview screeners available to the public. The filmmakers bear the liability for any film withdrawal due to circumstances beyond SPIFF's control. By submitting, filmmakers agree to all SPIFF rules. Any queries or complaints should be directed privately to the festival at least 7 days before public posting. SPIFF operates under United Kingdom laws. All requested materials by the festival must be provided 72 hours before commencement. Non-compliance with festival rules may result in sanctions.

SPIFF reserves the right to change the festival schedule, programme, and rules without prior notice.

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